Lighter type exposes man’s character

Just as different dresses divide women into different types, different lighters also mark different men:

  1. One dollar lighter
  2. Beautiful and exquisite brand lighter
  3. Different styles of lighters

Test results:

  1. Men will abandon this kind of lighter at any time, or who will give it to others who need it, and then forget it. Therefore, we can speculate that people who use such lighters are often informal people who are practical and pragmatic.
  2. Undoubtedly, this kind of lighter is a man’s love, and it is also a window for outsiders to peep into their hearts. For example, color, it is concluded that the owner of a gold lighter is often more extroverted, pursuing luxury and showing off. The owner of the silver lighter is quiet and introverted, with a romantic and delicate mind. Those who like alternative purple or black lighters are mostly unique and proud of their uniqueness.
  3. A man who likes such a lighter is a person who loves life and is full of fun in life. They are usually more careful, curious, and have their own opinions and relativestubbornness.