Study Hacks To Get Better Rank In JEE Main 2019 

IIT JEE is one of the important exams if students want to get into the best IITs and NITs or other top engineering colleges in India. Usually, these IITs and NITs take the score from JEE exams to grant seats in their prestigious institutions. Therefore, it is really important for students to not only prepare well but perform distinctively and get higher score amongst the lakhs of candidates who appear for the exam.

While the competition is intense, we have put together a few last-minute study hacks that will help candidates to accomplish or achieve more in the last remaining days before the JEE Main 2019 exams start. Besides, the things that aspirants do in this stage is crucial in determining their success.

With these study tips, candidates will be able to take their preparation to a higher level and at the same time develop the right mindset for the exam. Have a look at them below.

Keep A Close Track Of Theorems, Formulas and Reactions

In the final days of preparation, students should shift their focus on to the important formulas, theorems and the reactions. It is essential to remember them as questions will be based on such topics. Normally, making flashcards or keep a separate notebook for the important ones. These will help you recollect the topics easily. Additionally, it is also very important for students to have a conceptual approach while studying for JEE Main 2019.

Do Not Hesitate To Clear Any Doubt

Doubts regarding any topic or concepts should be cleared immediately. Students can approach their mentors, teachers or their friends to get a clear understanding of the concepts. The JEE exams are designed to test your understanding and we have to mention that candidates should definitely avoid rote learning or mugging up concepts.

Short Revisions Are Best Study Exercises

Conducting revision is one of the best study-exercises for last minute preparation. Aspirants should make time and have short revisions which will further help them to remember the topics easily and quickly. Notably, during the revision time, students should not be learning new concepts.

Question Papers And Mock Tests

As the popular saying goes, “practice makes perfect” the logic is the same while preparing for the entrance exam. Students should start solving JEE main question papers and take mock tests. There are a few benefits associated with it. Firstly, candidates will get familiar with the exam pattern, types and number of questions, marking schemes and duration of the exam. Secondly, aspirants will notice a boost in their preparation level and they will also gain higher confidence which is vital as JEE has managed to develop a reputation of being the toughest or most challenging exam in the world.

Basic Things To Take Care Of

There are some certain things that students need to take care of at a basic level.

The first one is that student should avoid studying for long hours mostly at night. Instead, they should get an ample amount of sleep and proper rest both physically and mentally. Secondly, students will be able to study and perform well in the exams only if they are in good health. It is also important to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Next, students should not take a lot of stress but develop a positive mindset instead and believe in their ability to clear the exam. Candidates should also take frequent breaks between study hours and engage in some de-stressing activities like listening to music or taking a walk or any of their personal preferences.

These are some of the proven study hacks if followed properly will help anyone get better rank in JEE.

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