Memory techniques which can be crucial for you

There is a common theory about the correlation between our brain and age that as we age our brain starts getting blurred. However, it is not so true! Modern lifestyle also plays a significant role in cognitive depreciation of mind techniques. We get exposure to toxins, negativity, poor diet and sleeplessness that curtail the smooth functioning of our brain.

Our lifestyle and habits can be responsible for the general improvement of our brain health and condition. Let us tell you a few lifestyle based memory techniques that will help you in improving the brain health.

  1. Eat what is right for you:

There is no definition of a general ‘right food chart’ that can be prescribed for everyone. As per our lifestyle, health and physical needs we have to take our diet. For example, some people are vegetarian while others are nonvegetarians. Their need for food can be specified as per their eating habits as well as their body’s needs. But we should understand that how various foods play a crucial role in changing our minds as well as physical health.

However, there are a few generic habits that we suggest that everyone should follow. Such as- avoiding sugar, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food and excessive fried items. Focus on fresh and organic food items that will seldom have any negative impact on your brain power.

  1. Focus on the task at hand:

‘Jack of all trades is master of none’- who doesn’t know of this popular proverb. Even though we are well aware of the hazards of multi-tasking, we tend to get indulged into it actively. We believe that being a multitasker can save us a lot of time and makes the output more efficient. This is not true.

Research has been done on the basis of patterns that our minds follow. It states that information gets processed in our mind and takes some time in setting up with the memory. So if we do multitasking we may be not letting our mind to process the information justifiably. This slows down our output ultimately.

Therefore, if you stop doing multi-tasking and focus on the task at hand you start experiencing mindfulness. Instead of trying to finish 4 tasks at once and taking 40 minutes, you should plan to finish your every task in 10 minutes and achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

  1. Sleep well enough:

Sleep is not a memory technique but it is essential for our mind. Sleep helps in enhancing the memory power as it improves the abilities of our mind. There are studies to justify that a sound sleep of 6-8 hours every night can clarify your thoughts and give you clear ideas of things that you want to pursue. The brain grows and the process can underline the capacity of the brain in controlling behavior. Lack of sleep can affect the hormones and their general functioning.

  1. Use your opposite hand quite often:

Our brain gets used to the way of behaving in a certain way using our fine motor skills. For example, if you use your right hand for brushing, your subconscious trained mind leads you to perform every task related to brushing while you will be thinking about other rational thoughts. Applying memory techniques you should try to use the opposite hand instead. It will awaken your sleeping conscious and make you think about ways of performing the task at hand with perfection.