5 Quick preparation tips for JEE Mains 2019

With just under a month left for the 2019 JEE Mains, we hope your preparation is in full swing. Every engineering aspirant in the country dreams of getting into the IITs, knowing well that the path to get there isn’t easy and requires constant perseverance and hard work. Students as young as 12 years are packed off and sent to coaching centres to begin their IIT coaching so that they can have six years of undeterred focus to clear the JEE Mains.

Here are five quick preparation tips that every JEE aspirant must follow to crack the exam successfully:

  1. Systematically plan your preparation. While creating a schedule, begin with getting your basic concepts right like Physical and Organic Chemistry, Modern Physics, Wave Optics, Alternating Current, Sound waves (specifically Doppler’s effect) and Thermodynamics. Once your basics are clear, it will help you create a strong base for other concepts.
  2. Create flashcards and a formula sheet which you can keep looking at during your revision. While creating your formula sheet, understand the derivation of the formula, that way you do not have to memorise it blindly.
  3. Practising mock tests and sample papers is an extremely integral part of the JEE preparation. Being thorough with previous years questions is essential. On completing two-three major topics, students must make it a habit to look at the past year exam papers to have a look at the kind of questions on those topics. As a practice, students must utilise the end of every week to take at least one or two mock tests.
  4. The study material you choose for your JEE Mains preparation is critical. Your peers, seniors, teachers may advise you to buy several books, but you will eventually end up studying only from one or two books. Do not go buying all the available books in the market. Refer to just those books which are necessary for the JEE preparation. Switching from one book to the other will only harm your preparation.
  5. As you are nearing the examination date, it is important that out of the seven days of the week, you dedicate at least two-three days revising concepts that you know, two days only doing mock tests and looking at previous year exam papers and the remaining two days of the week, studying topics that you are less confident about. This study strategy will keep your week balanced and give you a sense of accomplishment as you near your exam date.

The most important thing to keep in mind through this stressful time is to stay calm and get enough rest. Every time you wish to take a break between your studies, do something that relaxes your mind such as going out for a walk, playing video games, or listening to music. With undeterred focus, hard work and a firm grip on your concepts, clearing the JEE Mains can become a reality!

All the best!